Trains PNR status guru

Trains PNR status guru

PNR status is short name for “passenger name record”. It is a indian railway reservation record. PNR status guru is a record in the database of indian railways computer reservation system. PNR saved all the journey details for a passenger. All the details of passengers are stored in relational database of centralized reservation system .These details are associated with a unique ten digit number. This reference number is called PNR number.

PNR number

PNR number is 10 digit number . It is printed at the top left corner of the ticket. It is mentioned in a separate cell at the top.

passenger’s personal information like name, age, gender. its saved in the database against this reference number. it includes columns to store booking status and current status of the ticket.

As we know every train has limited number of seats. Booking status of such waitlist (W/L) ticket changes when there is any availability of reserved seats due to cancellation. This new current reservation status is generally know as PNR status.

Check Your PNR Number

There are many mediums through which PNR status enquiry can be made. most popular ways are listed below. You can check your PNR staus essaily.

  • Online check through website.
  • Check with SMS
  • Train enquiry on mobile applications.
  • Railway enquiry counters at railway stations
  • Reservation charts

PNR staus guru through online website

This is the most easy way to check your PNR status. list of some website that can use for enquiry. This unofficial website is doing a great job in helping passengers to find their tickets confirmed booking status. Apart form PNR enquiry You can also check train running status, station code and train coach position.

This is indian railways official portal. all information of passenger’s are available hare. passenger’s can search all train time and routes.

IRCTC (indian railway catering and tourism corporation) is the only official partner of indian railways that manages online ticket booking. if you have booked railway ticket through IRCTC website just login into IRCTC website and click on booked ticket history. select your PNR status.

current reservation status check using SMS

railway has lunched SMS service for PNR enquiry to enhance customer satisfaction. if passengers having no access to internet, find it useful and convenient mean.

139 SMS service

you can check your PNR number status with SMS. type your PNR number and send on 139.

PNR <your PNR number>
available on : aircel, airtel, BSNL, idea, loop, MTNL, MTS, reliance, TATA, telenor, vodafone
SMS PNR and send it to 5676747

Mobile Application

you can download railway app for your ticket booking and PNR number . its so easy to use mobile app. all details of passengers are printed on railway ticket.

this is easy methord for passengers.

How many types of indian railway ticets are there?

There are two types of indian railways tickets.
This type of ticket is booked at railway reservation counter or it can be booked on the IRCTC website which is then usually gets delievered by courier to your home.
Electronic ticket (E-Ticket) can only be booked on the IRCTC website. You can take print out of the booked ticket and show it to the TTE with a valid ID proof.

Indian railway trains and PNR generation

first ever indian railway train ran between mumbai to thane in the year 1853. mumbai and thane districts are located in the west coast of the maharashtra state. development in the rail technology has led to gradual improvement in the indian railways train services. today thousands of express and local passenger trains run on daily basic all over india.

Metro trains

These types of trains are moderately fast equipped with latest technologies. They specifically designed city commute. currently these trains are running in few metro cities of india like delhi, mumbai and kolkata. Due high demand for such trains in cities, government has planned to introduce metro trains in other major cities of indian because one cannot reserve a seat on metro trains it does nto generate PNR.

Suburban locals

These types of trains have been for long time in india. These also run only in few metro cities namely mumbai, kolkata and chennai. These trains reservation is not possible so no PNR generated. These local trains are further devided into slow local (healths on every station) and fast local (halts only on main stations). These trains are run localy in indian railway.

Passenger Trains

These trains can also be devided into slow passenger and fast passenger trains. These trains run between small distanced cities. For these trains also seat reservation and not possible hence not PNR is generated.

Express & Super-fast Express

These trains run for long distances, they are relatively faster than the above mentioned ones. Train tickets can be reserved on these trains hence, unique PNR is genrated. PNR status checking facility is also made available for non-reserved tickets also.

Shatabdi and janshatabdi express trains

These trains are high speed trains. Its are used to connect moderate distanced stations. They trains do not have sleeper coach facility. The differance between shatabdi and janshatabdi trains is that janshatabdi trains have both AC and non AC coaches while shatabdi trains are fully air conditioned.

Garib Rath

These types of trains have AC 3 tier coaches. ticket price is relatively lower than the other air conditioned trains. Y ou can check PNR status on these trains.

Rajdhani Express

These trains connect major cities of india. These are fully air conditioned and high priority trains generally run on their scheduled time. These trains have very few stops on their route. Seat reservation and PNR check facility is available on these trains.

Rajdhani Express

This service is the latest intiative in indian railway. These trains strictly run from source to destination and do not stop for any station on route. Seat reservation and PNR check facility is not available on these trains.

The Type of Waitlist Tickets & Their Confirmation Priority

There are some predefined rules that govern the allotment of different types of waitlist quota on unconfirmed tickets.

General Waiting List (GNWL) : GNWL ticket are considered on highest priority. It has most likeihood of getting confirmation. If you are starting journey station is close to the train source station and your end journey station is close to train destination station then chances of getting on GNWL is high.

Tatkal Waiting List (CKWL) : tatkal waiting list CKWL is lower than GNWL, chances of CKWL ticket getting confirmed are also low.

Indian Railway Acronyms And Abbreviations
Term Meaning

1A – first class AC
2A – AC 2-tier sleeper
2S – second sitting
3A – AC 3 tier
3E – AC 3 tier economy
CK – tatkal quota
DF – defence quota
FC – first class
GN – general quota
HP – physically handicapped quota
LD – ladies quota
PNR – passenger name record
RAC – reservation against cancellation
SL – sleeper class
SS tracelling alone female quota (above 45 year) / senior citizen quota
WL – waiting list

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