How to make money online with Google map

How to make money online with Google map

Hello friends are you interested to make money online with Google map. In this article, i am telling you 5 ways how to make money online with Google map. Aaj har koi Google map ko hi use karta hai. it’s most dependable medium to navigate in known as well as unknown terrain. Suçh bolu aaj agar hame kahi bhi jana hota hai, toh hum Google map ka hi sahara lete hai. Google map aaj hamari zindagi ka hissa ban chuka hai.

But my friend, did you know that you can also make money from this Google map? And friends the best part is you don’t have invest in any specific manner to earn this kind of money. It’s totally free.

How to make money online

In this article, i am telling you 10 ways to make money online with Google maps.

  1. Location review
  2. Add photos
  3. Answer queries
  4. Edit location information
  5. Add missing location

How to earn money with Google location review

Edit location on google map

Friends aap hamesha bina kisi money ki sambhavna ke Post karte hai. Google map will help you make money online. Google maps aapko every place ki sameekshaon ke post ke liye money kàmane me help karega. Jinhe aap iss application ka use karke dekh sakte ho.

Posting these review is not too difficult either. You can even post these on the go using your smartphones.

The more the people read these reviews the better are your prospects to make money online.

How to make money by adding photos on google maps

This is also a simple and easy way to make money online with google map. When the people visit humorous location, click a whole lot of photographs. Now you need to do is just tag the location to these photos ( aapko bus photos ko tag karna hai ).

Can you believe, aap photos ko tag karke bhi money earn karoge. This is a simple way to make money. The most biggest advantage is you are not making an additional effort.

Making money by giving answer queries

Last Christmas, i wanted to go to Goa with my toddler and had several questions like the kind of winter wear that i must carry, the ease of food availability and other queries.

Friends someone answered all the queries on google maps and they very helpful to us. friends these is not just a way to help out other in need of relivent information about a location but also an easy option to make money online.

Friends you can check for these queries and always take advantage of the few extra money. These is simple and easy way to make money by sharing some simple and easy information.

Earn money by edit location information on google maps

Friends these are so many places on the internet that have insufficient information and many people search there places every day. When you search these places on google map. You see there are many obvious misses. So friends what do you do. You can simply ignore it and move ahead and other more profitable way is you add information about the places and then make money with Google maps. Or iss jankari ke liye aapko bus kuchh KB data hi kharch Karna pad sakta hai. But friends when you keep doing this over you make more money with google.

Earn money by add missing location

Friends some times when we are checking location on google maps, there are location that do not listed ( so these is the way for earning ). It could make the deal, is that you get paid to add these missing location to google maps.

Friends people always ask how to make money online with google map. All the answer for this question giving in this article.